Peer Review

Reviewers play a pivotal role in scholarly publishing. The peer review system exists to validate academic work, helps to improve the quality of published research, and increases networking possibilities within research communities.

WCNA2021 uses the Single blind review.
In this type of review, the names of the reviewers are hidden from the author. This is the traditional method of reviewing and is the most common type by far. Points to consider regarding single blind review include:
Reviewer anonymity allows for impartial decisions – the reviewers should not be influenced by the authors.
Authors may be concerned that reviewers in their field could delay publication, giving the reviewers a chance to publish first.
Reviewers may use their anonymity as justification for being unnecessarily critical or harsh when commenting on the authors’ work.

WCNA2021 is Calling for Reviewers
Thank you for the effort and expertise that you contribute to review the WCNA2021 submissions, without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standard of the proceedings.
If you are interested or you have someone to recommend, please send CV to WCNA2021@163.COM.
For Reviewers
Update your resume, download checklists, find reviewer training courses and more!
For further information of the Conference, please contact the secretary of WCNA2021:
Email: WCNA2021@163.COM.
Service Time: Mon. - Sun. 10:00-17:00(Virtual Conference Time)